Steps to become a Soroptimist

The membership of the Soroptimist movement responds to a sponsorship system. If you want to integrate the movement, you will need to :


  • Find a Soroptimist Club in your area

    The improvement of the living conditions of women and children is based on the initiative of clubs who know better the realities of their locality.

  • Send us your contacts and information so that we can put you in touch with the club

    Soroptimist clubs operate in many areas and in different section of social life. You will be focused on the one whose actions will best meet your expectations.

  • You are contacted by Soroptimists and invited to know more

    Club members in your area will be happy to know you more.

  • You are co-opted

    The members decide to join you in their club and will let you know their decision within 30 days maximum.

  • Attend meetings and actions

    You can familiarize yourself with the world of Soroptimists by discovering the actions undertaken as well as attending various meetings.

  • You discover Soroptimist by trainings

    Being an International Association, it is important for each member to know its structure, its ethics and its general organization.

  • You are inducted

    The admission of a new member to a club is a milestone. The new Sorop will be inducted during a special reception.

  • Welcome ! You belong to the Club

    Congratulations ! You are now a Soroptimist member.