Dear Sisters, Friends and Readers, It is with great relief that we leave this special year. Since March, we have been through an unprecedented crisis in terms of health, economic and social issues...

January 2020

Let me above all wish you a happy new year 2020. May you be in good health for the next 365 days, and of course I wish you all the best, therefore, my best wishes in all areas !!

January 2020

Dear readers, today I want to share my nation’s wonderful experience with you. Madagascar as you know, has never been good at football in the international setting. Moreover, even at the beginning of the last CAN, many did not know this country and did not even know it existed..

October 2019

It has never been said that life would be easy, without difficulty. From a very young age, we learn for example to walk, to hold our balance, an act that now wefind commonplace and automatic but that in time, asked us a lot of effort and perseverance.

June 2019

This first issue of "Voice of SIFAF" is a milestone towards the creation of our Federation. Indeed, the communication of our future federation deserves a support that will live up to our expectations.

March 2019