Soroptimist International African Federation : Our actions

Soroptimists are professional women who are committed to serving the community nationally and internationally to enable women and girls to be sufficiently educated and empowered to better realize their full potential in order to improve their lives. their life. Thus, several interventions are carried out at the level of each locality and of each country adapting to the realities, the cultures and the means on the spot thus generating concrete impacts on the quality of life of these women and these girls. Enjoy these actions in image.

Our Activity : Below are some of the project actions by various SI clubs across Africa.

Projects From SI Madagascar : By SI Madagascar

From Madagascar. The Ankany Fitahiana Centre is an education center and orphanage for street children in Antananarivo. It was opened in 2004 by one former street children called Alex. The center was located at Ankorondrano. The center consisted of temporary small poor wooden house built on a lent yard of a church . The center welcomed, educate and fed more than 450 children from 2 to 20 years old. The goal was to discourage those children from going back to the street. Our club came in to help by working and funding in Partnership with the Swiss Clubs of Lucerne and Badragaz since 2006. In June 2015, because of Land dispute the center was forced to close down forcing the children to return to the street.. Alex the founder negociated with the Director of Public schools and Volunteer host families around Ankorondrano and about 250 children had access to families and schools. The problem was then for secondary school children. Alex took the decision to move the center to Anosizato in the Southen part of the Capital on a plot of land that was used as garden and animal rearing.. He decided to build the home for these children there. At this point the Soroptimist International of Antananarivo came to help. In partnership with SI Swiss clubs of Badragas and Luzern financed and constructed a modern center in August 2015. The center was officially opened on 17th Oct 2015. The Swiss Club Vevey funded the Dormitory, furnitures and other furnishing. They also funded ADES fireplaces. A total of 21,000€, was spent. The New Ankany Fitahiana Center land Dormitory for 75 children are now fully Operational.

SI Cotonuo Doyen Projects : By SI Cotonuo Doyen

SI Enugu Coal City Projects : By SI Enugu - Nigeria

from right is the Local Government Chairman been examined for blood pressure. SI Coal City Club President taking the Udi Local Government Chairman around the facilities. Cross section of the patients waiting to be examined. Free tooth brush and paste were distributed to patients. Our banner. Examined patient blood pressure. Cross section of patients. BS Ekwo interacting with the medical team. The SI Coal City Club President with a boy patient at Udenue local government (very pathetic case).

Rehablitation of School Sanitary Block and Water Facility for Abobo/Houantoue Group of Schools : By SI Abidjan Ivoire - Ivory Coast

SI Abidjan Ivoire began to support a group of four Primary schools consisting of over 2500 students, located in Abobo, Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire since November 2011 in the field of hygiene and sanitation. Support for school group Houantoué is a long-term project in several stages and is expected to continue in the coming years. SI Abidjan Ivoire initiated a project to rehabilitate a sanitary block with construction of a new septic tank and installation of latrines and sinks, drinking water supply and also hygiene education for students of 4 schools at Abobo Houantoué. Funding of 7,000 Euros was granted by the Action Fund SIE (Soroptimist International of Europe) at the conference of Governors in Budapest in July 2012. Work began in October 2012 and ended in December 2012.

The Project Objectives include:

  • improve sanitation through rehabilitation of a disused toilet block
  • bring drinking water to the students and allow them to wash their hands
  • promote a healthier school environment through hygiene education
  • promote the upkeep of facilities through education and regular checks

Activities carried out:

  • Complete rehabilitation of sanitary facilities
  • A potable water supply has also been fitted on the outside wall of the toilet block with 3 taps push protected by railings to allow students to drink and to wash hands during breaks .

Prior to all these, in December 2011, Abidjan Ivoire Club provided equipment for environmental sanitation for the schools. The items included wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, hoes, brooms, garbage bins. In March 2012, in return for an additional sanitation and hygiene equipment. This activity represents a total of 620,000 CFA funded by the Club.

Donation of Items to Leprosy Center of Ouidah : By SI Calavi Colombe - Benin

La léproserie de Ouidah is a center that houses and cares for people suffering from leprosy — long considered as a disease of shame and incurable. The center has enabled people who contacted leprosy to take benefit from the generosity of donors and support from religious bodies.

Out of the 64 persons, 46 are still living in this center just because they have nowhere to go, abandoned by their families. 18 others who are almost healed come periodically for their care and to receive food.

Raoul Foléreau Foundation was helping these people infected, but more help was needed and it is in that context that Soroptimist International Club of Calavi Colombe, led by the club president in the person of Dr. Hortense Koussou, visited on Saturday, March 10, 2012, loaded with bags of rice, cartons of soap, detergent and clothing, women who are intended to serve. They were well received by men, women and children supervised by nuns at La léproserie de Ouidah.

With happiness, the mother of the center expressed her joy to receive donations from the club at a time when applications from persons infected was exceeding the capacity of the center. She used the opportunity to call for other donors. Soroptimist members present were very happy and shared in the joy of the benefitiaries.

Keeping The Elderly Warm Donation of Items to Old People’s Home, Tokan : By SI Calavi Colombe - Benin

This project by SI Calavi Colombe, Benin, is to support the efforts of the Old People’s Home in Tokan whose mission is to cater for older people with needs. Among the many needs of the center, bed cover is a priority. This is what led the Soroptimist Club Calavi Colombe to come to the rescue of the elderly by donating bedding sets, bedspreads and pillowcases for 30 persons.

Running to Fight Against Harmful Traditions : By SI Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

The SIE Addis Ababa club members observed March 8, 2012 by participating in women’s 5 kilometer run. On the run more than 6000 women have participated. Among the participants eight of them are SIE Addis Ababa club members. The Theme of the run was fighting against Harmful traditional practices such as FGM, Early marriage, etc. SIE Addis Ababa club is participating in such events to show it solidarity to women networks. With happiness, the mother of the center expressed her joy to receive donations from the club at a time when applications from persons infected was exceeding the capacity of the center. She used the opportunity to call for other donors. Soroptimist members present were very happy and shared in the joy of the benefitiaries

New Maternity for Adounko Community : By SI Cotonou Doyen - Benin

SI Club Cotonou Doyen built a maternity in the landlocked village of Adounko with funding from members' dues and local sponsors. The Ministry of Health sent 3 paid staff to the maternity and supplied medication. The Mayor of the area provided electricity in the maternity ward. This project won a Best Practice Award at the SIE Congress in Berlin in July 2013.

AURORAP PROJECT : By SI Johannesburg - South Africa

The project has been running for 16 years. It is run by SI Johannesburg, South African Association of Women Graduates (SAAWG) and Kingsmead College. The aim is to support adolescent girls and school teachers from Soweto with the objective of mentoring them to enhance their self-esteem, and enable them to lead fulfilled lives as persons in their own right. The aim is to hold 4 seminars per year. The topics include “Life After Matric”, “Balancing My Life”, “Survival Strategies” and “Leadership and Management through Technology”. The seminars are aimed at students in grades 10-12. Motivational speakers give of their services freely.

The topics covered in the services include:

  • Friendship and peer pressure
  • Substance abuse/drugs
  • Sexuality and teenage pregnancy
  • Self-esteem/self-respect

Certificates are given out to all attendees at their school during the following week. A noted outcome of this project is the considerable development in the self-esteem of both teachers and students who attended.


This project was initiated for the village women of Tia in the fourth region of Mali. It is a gardening project aimed towards helping the rural women to generate income for their family upkeep. The project was executed in 2013.

SAFER WATER FOR DRA TOWN : By SI Bamako Espoir - Mali

This is a village well project by SI Bamako Espoir which is now serving as a safer water source for the Dra community in the second region of Mali. Since completion in 2013, this well has been saving the population of Dra from diseases related to unsafe water.


Soroptimist International Bamako Espoir has completed the construction of a school at Fora, a village within the second region (Koulikoro) of Mali. Infrastructure built at the school include a three-classroom block, one administrative office and three latrines for the village. Prior to this intervention, the children of Foura walked about 8 kms every day to attend school in the neighboring village.


This project by SI Kumasi which commenced in November 2012 and completed in May 2013, is a skills acquisition centre meant to aid young people who wish to acquire computer knowledge for self reliance and employability.


Members of SI Yaounde held a sensitization campaign on Biometric Voters, Registration. The exercise was held in partnership with Elections Cameroon on 26th February 2013. The aim was to educate and encourage voters (especially women) to register and participate in the Cameroon’s general elections and by so doing, make their voice heard. This is a move by the women of the club towards facilitating participatory democracy in Cameroon.

SI Yaounde has been raising awareness, lobbying with government and empowering, educating and enabling women in order to increase their participation in the senatorial, legislative and municipal elections. The outcome in the senatorial elections was positive: more women were elected into the pioneer senate in Cameroon. We hope to achieve more in the upcoming legislative and municipal elections.


Women of SI Cotonou Gazelle during their visit to the Orphane home donated food items for upkeep of the orphaned children.