March 8, 2022

Greetings to all Soroptimist sisters across the continent of Africa and indeed across the other four federations. Today we celebrate International Women’s Day! As we celebrate all women who strive to uplift other women, whilst also raising daughters safely, I am reminded of an unknown writer who said ‘all men supporting women in their workplaces, their marriages, their families and in all walks of life, to all men who genuinely respect women and appreciate their efforts and importance, happy women’s day!!

We remember on this day especially all women and children affected and displaced by this war in Ukraine as these are innocent victims. All our thoughts are with families as we in SIAF, stand with SI Europe in their efforts in making women and children as comfortable as possible under the circumstances by raising the much-needed funds for such a cause. Our hearts go out to those women and children from Ukraine who have crossed borders to find safe places as refugees with nothing while leaving the menfolk to fight back home and not knowing whether they will ever see each other again or be reunited as a family. We also remember women and children in war zones and countries with conflict as they suffer the same consequences across the world.

  President Connie, SIAF